Cancellation And Refund

Business Class flights concentrates on their client’s requirements, and satisfying their needs is the main aim. The information mentioned here talks about the cancellation and refund policy while you book with Business Class flights. We want to assure you that the tickets reserved here can be canceled free from any additional charges if it is done within 24 hours of booking. If the traveler selects to cancel the ticket after 24 hours, the refund will depend on the Hotels/Airlines/Flight Type policies.

While we understand the client’s concern and work towards helping them at every cost. We know that there can be a nuisance in your booking because of a few issues; this may complicate the booking process and discounts to avail at the time of booking. To maintain transparency, we suggest the clients go through the approaches before booking with Business Classflights.

When can I Claim a Refund?

The client must discover the low-priced flight online on another traveling website within 3 hours of booking with Business Class flights for the recognizable journey plan.

The client will have a solitary opportunity to get a refund for the Best Price Guarantee Policy for the plan given. In addition, the client cannot claim more than once for the same goal even if the low price is liable on different portals at any time.

Contact us for round-the-clock client service for claiming against the best price guarantee policy. When you talk to us about the claim, the lowest-priced flight deal on the different websites mentioned by you must hold validity. For a successful refund request, the price difference will get refunded sooner from Business Class flights.

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